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Features and Full Instructions

Have sheet music but can't read it?

With Plern Piano you can quickly and easily input notes into the virtual score. When you're done, hit Play and you'll see all the piano keys you need to press highlighted at the right time, as well as which notes are coming up next. You'll also be able to hear how the song should sound.

Want to turn a midi file into sheet music?

Just import the midi file, select the tracks you want to include, and Plern Piano will instantly create sheet music for you that you can further edit if needed. You can choose which instrument tracks to import and save the song for later.

Want access to free sheet music?

Hit the Songs button and browse free songs that other users have saved. Save your own music that you've entered so you can access it later. You can also save your songs privately so no one except you can access them.

Want to compose original music and share it with others?

Easily create and edit songs by clicking on either the score or the keyboard. Supports all note durations, dotted notes, sharps, flats, advanced editing operations, etc... When you've saved your song, hit the Share button for several ways to share your music with friends. Email them a link to your song, create an embeddable widget set to play your song or make your song public for everyone to enjoy. You can also share directly with your friends on Facebook.

Want to learn to sight-read music?

Plern Piano shows you how the notes on the score relate to the keys on the keyboard during playback. You can slow down the song to practice, or set the range to repeat the same part of the song over and over until you've mastered it. You'll be able to see upcoming notes, just like in Guitar Hero style games. Learn any song at your own pace.

Concerned about cost?

Plern Piano is completely free for personal non-commerical use. You can use it as much as you want, but you will only be able to access portions of any song. If you upgrade to a Premium account for $10, you will have full, unlimited lifetime access to all songs. If you're using Plern Piano for commercial purposes, you can contact us to receive a commercial license. If you're using Plern Piano for educational purposes, contact us to receive a discount or group rate.


Full Instructions

Keyboard Shortcuts

Add Note
Click on the score or the keyboard. Hold down Shift or Control to add Sharps, Flats and Naturals.

Remove Note
Click on a note again to quickly remove it.  Or, use the pointer tool to drag-select several notes and use the Delete button to remove them all at once.

Note Duration
Use the Editor Bar to select note duration (whole notes, half notes, etc...). Use the dotted note button to add dotted notes.

Key Signature
Click on the score to the left of the first measure (you have to scroll all the way to the left) to add sharps, and hold down the Control key to add flats to the key signature.  If there are already notes on the score, they will not be affected (naturals will be added as needed).  New notes added after changing the key signature will adopt the new signature.

Advanced Editing
You can cut and paste whole sections of notes, delete sections, and shift sections up or down in pitch.  Select the pointer tool and use the mouse to drag a box around the notes you want to edit.  Hold down the SHIFT key and drag more to add to your selection, or use CTRL-drag to toggle your selection.  Once you've got your notes selected, use the editing buttons to adjust or delete them.  Cut will remove notes, and Paste will paste notes at the current timeline point.  Shift up and Shift down will adjust your notes' pitch.

Import MIDI
You can import notes from MIDI files which you can find all over the internet for practically any song. Use the Import MIDI button and select a midi file to upload or select one from our database. You can then choose the tracks you want to import.  The notes and tracks are color coded so you can easily figure out which tracks to keep and which to get rid of.  After importing, you can edit and clean up the notes if necessary, and then Save the song for later.

Saving and Loading
You can save songs you've created or imported to the online database.  Songs can be either public (so anyone can see them) or private (only you can see them).  To save songs, you will need to login with a username and password so you can access your songs later.  Signing up is automatic and free, just type any username/password you want.  You don't have to provide an email address or any personal information.  Make sure you can remember your username/password later. 

Sharing a song
Hit Share Song to create a direct link to your song, or to create a link to a little piano widget that will play your song. Either way, you can share the links with your friends or bookmark them for easy access.  If your song has unsaved changes you will be asked to save the song again to make sure that the right notes get shared.

Everything in Plern Piano can be done for free. But there is a limit to how much of a song you can view until you log in and upgrade your account.

Plern Widget
You can create a little piano widget that will play a song you select or all public songs.  This widget can be shared with others or posted to your blog or inserted in any web page.  Hit Share Song to get the widget code.  If your song has unsaved changes you will be asked to save the song again to make sure that the right notes get shared.

Browse Public Songs
Hit Load, and hit Browse Public Songs to check out all the songs that other people have made available to the public.  You can also browse midi files that other users have uploaded.

Change Timeline Position
Use the Step Forward or Step Backwards buttons (or LEFT and RIGHT keyboard keys), or click on the blue timeline scrub bar. You can drag the blue arrow to scrub the timeline.

Loop Sections of a Song
An easy way to practice just part of a song over and over again. Use Ctrl-click on the scrub bar to set the start of the loop and Alt-click to set the end, or just drag the arrows with the mouse.

Short Notes
Try the Short Notes option when there are lots of overlapping notes in your song. It will make it easier to see when to play each note.  Turn off Short Notes to see the true duration of each note represented as the length of the bar.

Lock Edits
Use the Lock Edits option to prevent accidental clicking from changing your song.

Change Tempo
Use the tempo slider.

Display Options
Normally, the score is hidden during playback and shown during editing. Use the checkboxes to always show the score even during playback, or to always hide the score even during editing.

Change Song Length
The song will automatically get longer as you add notes to the end of the song.

The audio may play back slowly depending on your internet connection. If it can't keep up, slow down your song by decreasing the tempo. You should still get a good sense of what the song should sound like.